Run by physiotherapists, the LifeCare Falls Prevention Clinic provides assessment and management programs for over 65s and others at risk of falling. We have a number of clinics across Perth.

Our falls prevention clinics:

  • Provide a detailed one hour initial assessment to assess the multitude of factors which contribute to falls risk for each individual,
  • Formulate a management plan and undertake goal-setting with the patient,
  • Provide tailored exercise program options depending on the individual needs. This includes:
    • Individual supervision of exercise program for more dependent patients who require close supervision due to safety concerns.
    • Falls Prevention exercise groups  
    • Provide home exercise programs for those not requiring or not suited to a supervised program.
  • Educate and advise on falls risk factors such as vision, medication, vitamin D supplementation, clothing/footwear, home environments, nutrition and continence.
  • Promote self-management and empower the patient to take ownership of this significant health issue, whilst providing encouragement and support.

For more information or call us on 9424 0211.